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Umm … today is Mother’s Day!! Want to tell you one story. But to make it easier for me towrite i am writing in first person!! I felt that it would be more effective!!

“Both my daughters sent messages in the morning itself. One of them went out to meet her friend and the other one was taking care of their home. By the way, both sisters, along with their respective husbands and my grandson stay in one house!! Great, is n’t it?

I am against celebrating one one single day either it may be birthdays, any anniversaries or days like these!! Bcoz i always felt that we should love one another always, just not on some special days!! I completely believe it!! But why is that i am feeling empty inside, especially today? Am i expecting my kids to celebrate in a certain manner? Why i am feeling empty? Not only today..but since some days!!

There was a time, when they have not started living together, my elder one used to come every weekend or used to invite me, my younger one, her hubby and grandson to her place!! But since they all started living together too, inviting me on weekends continued, though i started refusing to go each weekend!! I just wanted them to undersatnd one another and also with a feeling that if i go frequently, i may see any unplesant developing between them (it is obvious that there are many compromises, adjustments in a joint family, though they are sisters) and i amy take sides!! I did not want that to happen. I wanted them to deal with their situations by themselves. I would be going only for one or two hours or one day. And what i can perceive in such a short time? They are better persons to sort their situations amicably.

Nowadys, it has become fashion even to our generation to say that’” we want to live our lives!! We have toiled all our lives for family and now it is time to take some time out for ourselves!! “ Haha ..well… living our lives in our way means wat? Parents going out somewhere just like it is shown in Vodafone advertisement and chilling out? Or staying to raech out to kids and spending some quality time? Or what? To enjoy does it mean that it is somewhere outside the family?

I am feeling lonely.Literally there is no one to talk to!! Except my kids,i dont get aclls from anyone. I dont have such friends who call meon daily basis. And my family, though i have my siblings, maintain distances justas it has now become common in urban areas!! That means from the time i get up and till i sleep in the middle of the night, i need not open my mouth. I never had this habit of mingling much with neighbours!! Unless i get a call from either of my kids, i can keep my mouth shut!! I ahve ALL the time in the world!! Am i loving this? When i think this, i wonder how it can become a fashion to become strangers to our families?

Between all these there are so many things which are in between lines!! My daughter thinks that if she invites me often, her hubby amy feel that she is not inviting his parents too!! For not doing so, she has her own justifications. So, as a mother can i not understand what i am supposed to do? That is why I keep silent, waiting my mobile to ring!!”